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Malting Kiln

Once a common sight across Suffolk, malting kilns such as Dalham’s are now only to be found at two locations in this county. Not surprisingly therefore this kiln at Malt Kiln House now appears in the Register of Historic Buildings.

The kiln was built early on in the Victorian era. There is an inscription on one of the hand-made bricks which reads ‘J.D 1846’. Though it may have been constructed significantly earlier than this as the Enclosure Map of 1820 indicates it was then owned by William Ruffell, who also built and owned the windmill on Stores Hill. Entries in trade directories suggest the malting was used until the mid 1870’s, the last entry being for one George Moore, a farmer, maltster and miller.

In Bury St Edmunds Record Office is a copy of West Suffolk Illustrated, published in 1907. This print item includes a map and a photograph of the kiln and its attached building now no more. This appears to have been a low pitched slate roofed building which, according to a picture painted in 1955 owned by one of the villagers, was still standing in the middle of the last century.

With the help of the village community the current owners are now in the process of renovating the structure to ensure it sees another century out!