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Situated on Stores Hill the three Cottage Homes were built in 1914 as a Trust in memory of William and Sophia Derisley by their eldest son, William. This is a terrace of three dwellings with adjoining small gardens and allotments.

The Trust is administered by five trustees, two appointed by the Parish Council, with the Rector of the Parish of St Mary’s Dalham serving ex-officio. The trustees receive no remuneration, and the tenants make a weekly contribution towards property maintenance and essential services.

The original provision was for poor married couples, not less than 60 years old who had resided in Dalham or an adjacent parish for at least a year. These criteria have been modified over the years with the approval of the Charity Commissioners to reflect changes in rural life style and agricultural working practices. Today, while the original eligibility criteria would still take priority, the resource requires prudent management and the residential needs are considered by the Trustees on application.

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